Sunday, January 5, 2014

Freemake Video Converter: Convert DVD files to MP4, AVI

Found this new website with a suite of 3 frequently searched for and used freeware. I was most interested in the Freemake Video converter as I wanted an alternative to WinX DVD Ripper, which while good and serviceable was limited in some areas. In particular, the subtitles in MP4 movie files which I created ie converted from original DVDs showed up when played using VLC and did not not when using Windows Media Player. Also, the substitles could be turned off and on with some MP4 files and not on others.

So I decided to see if Freemake Video converter was better or at least more consistent as far as subtitles were concerned.

The MKV file and MP4 files of the movie I converted worked fine. Subtitles showed when using VLC and Windows Media Player. The quality was as good as the file made by WinX.

Another useful feature of Freemake is that it easily combines the main movie with a downloaded subtitles file (.srt). I combined the movie Argo with the subtitles downloaded from Subscene ( and it worked on the very first attempt.

But, the attempts using Freemake to convert the DVD file to AVI ended in failure -- the movie was truncated, by about 30 minutes.

Yes the software is very easy to use and the neat feature that allows one to combine a movie with its downloaded subtitles makes this very attractive software.  The options are easy to access and easy to modify, so a beginner will not be lost with this programme.  But while there are lots of options available to convert video files to but some conversions don't work. Also, the programme is not as fast as WinX.

Recommended because it is free and has some useful features.

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