Thursday, November 19, 2009

Online conversion Midi files to MP3

I was looking for a midi to mp3 converter and chanced upon this online service at which I found to be very good.

I had a video that I wanted to put up on Facebook that needed music accompaniment. At first I selected an mp3 of a very popular song to accompany the video -- big mistake because Facebook rejected the video due to potential copyright issues.

The alternative was a midi version of the same song and this I found on .

I imported the video into Magix Movie Editor, and tried to replace the MP3 that accompanied the video with the midi, but it was not recognised as an audio file. I then tried Nero with the same result. I did some research and discovered that midi files are not audio files, something that I had not realised. So I needed to covert the midi into an MP3

A search of the internet turned up several converters. Most of these converters seemed to be shareware -- I was not willing to pay because I only wanted this facility for 2 tunes -- and the setup seemed to be quite difficult. After trying several, I decided on this free online service which turned out to be very simple to use.