Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mighty Minds Digital Map for Nokia 6120

Got the MightyMinds CD when I bought the print version of the Street Directory. Had great difficulty installing and running the digital map. I really don't know why things need to be so difficult. Can't vendors design simple installation programmes? In the case of MightyMinds, one has to install into the SD card of the phone the correct symbian installation programme. Three (3) are provided and one has to identify which of the 3 is the correct one for the particular phone model. Then one has to decide where to install the files -- SD card or phone memory. No suggestions are given -- which is preferable? no clues at all. I decided on the SD card.

But wait, before all this one has to install Microsoft .NET Framework into the computer before the installation of the MightyMinds files can be successful. One has to install the MightyMinds CD files into the PC and then from the PC select the correct symbian file for the particular model of the Nokia phone. To do this I used the Nokia Suite. If you do not have the Nokia Suite then you might have a problem....or maybe not...I don't know what needs to be done if there is no Nokia Suite.

Even with the installation of the correct file the thing will not work because the main file MMMap.bin will not be installed automatically during the installation process. Why? Beats me...

This MMMap.bin file must be separately copied onto the SD card before the thing works. Where on the SD card? Any particular folder or subdirectory? No clues. So I put it in the root directory of the SD card.

Now the thing works.