Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Music for Personal Presentations slideshows etc

This is a great site for free music to accompany presentations and slideshows that you may have created. If you are in an educational institution or if you have a wedding and want to create a slideshow with accompanying music but you are fearful about contravening copyright laws by using copyright music, you can access this site and download free music for these slideshows. You need to acknowledge artists if freeplaymusic has this information and if not, just acknowledge the source To download the music you must first register and this will not cost you a cent.

You cannot publish or broadcast on the internet nor can you sell cds or dvds with this music because it is for non-commercial purposes -- you cannot profit monetarily from the free downloads. The site also contains music that you can pay for and use with less restrictions. Please read the conditions for use before proceeding.

Using the site is simple. The main site is and you can read the terms and conditions here. The newer is easier to use because it is better organised and you can start from here.

The best way to begin if you are interested in totally free music is to click on the "freeplay music" option in the left-hand column. This will give you a list free music organised by style - bossanova, jazz, classical, etc. There is no charge for the music listed here.

If you want to pay for music for less restrictive use, click on "styles" in the left-hand column and again a list will pop up. Select the style of music you want and you should get a list of free as well as music you have to pay for.

To download any tract, click on the "add to download" and select the tracks that you want. This step will not start the downloads but place all your selections in a download section. When your selection is completed, click the "download" option at the left-hand column and all the titles you selected earlier will be listed. You can now begin to download the titles you want.

Have fun.


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