Thursday, September 15, 2011

EnGenius 3G Router NET-3G-ESR-6650. A problem solved.

I found it easy to set up this wireless router because the instructions were simple and easy to follow, although I must confess I have had some experience setting up and trouble shooting routers (compex, dlink, netgear, linksys). All went well until I tried connecting to the internet via my netbook. The connection was made, the signal was strong, but internet access was not possible. I relooked at all the settings, redid them but still could not solve the problem.

Then I recalled the advice of some great troubleshooter. If all else fails, switch off every thing, unplug from the mains all devices, wait for 5 or ten minutes and restart. The other bit of advice came from the user manual an earlier router that I had. It instructions stated that the sequence of starting up the devices was important. First switch on the modem and when it is stable (usually 3 to 5 minutes), then plug in the and power on the router, and then the computer. Of course, connections from modem to router and router to computer should be correctly done before hand.

I tried this and it worked. Sometimes, it is not the settings that it the problem, just some residual memory that needs to be cleared.

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