Monday, July 25, 2011

Movies, Video streams: Working with

This is a Chinese website that streams and allows downloads of movies, TV series, and other videos. You should be careful because using this site and downloading materials from it can leave your computer open to attacks. My advice is not to use a computer which you use for important stuff but use an inexpensive netbook which if attacked you can easily reformat and re-install programs on.

Funshion works best with Google Chrome. If you have IE installed, this browser will often kick in (even if it not the default browser) and interfere with your downloads from What you can do is to uninstall or disable IE. From my experience, Firefox does not cause problems and you can leave this as an alternative browser.

To use you must download and install its popular software (it is actually referred to as popular software). Do not download anything else if only movies and TV series are your interests. I say this because the site is also a shopping site and will encourage you to download programs related to this as well. It will be hard to remove the other software because the uninstallation instructions are in Chinese, and difficult to manage.

Download and install the main program. Once you run it, you will be at the main page. All information will be in Chinese but Google can translate this into English -- not perfectly, but sufficiently for you to use the site.

All downloads go into a folder labelled "Media" in the Funshion subdirectory but it will be in Chinese. The best thing to do is to download, identify the program and carefully rename it. This can be tricky but as long as the extension is not renamed, the files will be useable. Downloading many programs at once will give you a headache when it comes to identifying the various files. Once you have renamed the files and you have confirmed that they work delete any accompanying files. Again take care that these accompanying files are not attached files which are essential for the main files to work. If the main files will not work without the accompanying files, restore those that you have deleted and place all related files in a folder.

Scan your hard drives for malicious files regularly when visiting the website.

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