Saturday, August 28, 2010

Avidemux and mov files - Different versions different settings

I used my Panasonic camera to create a home movie. I needed to edit the movie, mainly remove parts of it it for better continuity, and decided to use avidemux as my movie editor. Having done the editing, I found saving the edited file as a playable mpg file rather difficult because I did not know what settings to use. After a visit to several discussion sites and using trial and error I got setting that worked for me. By this I mean it could be played back by VLC and Windows Media player. Here are the settings I used with Avidemux 2.5.2:

Video = DVD(lavc)
Audio = AC3 (lav) In additon you need to set filters to enable resampling of 48K
Format = MPEG PS (A+V)

Don't forget to save the file with .mpg as the extension.

Using Avidemux 2.5.3, I found that the list of input codecs were not the same and had to use a different set of settings to get what I wanted. For this later version of Avidemux I used the following:

Video = MPEG4 ASP (AVCodec)

Audio = Copy

Format = AVI

This gave me a xxx.avi file which worked fine with VLC. I had some problems with Media Player - the sound synchronization with the video seemed a little bit off, but it was not too noticeable.

I tried several settings that gave me a .mpg file but these all seemed to have a bigger problem with sound synchronization.

When I used these settings

Video = Copy

Audio = AC3 (lav) with resampling at 48K

Format = mepg video

The synchronization problem was solved. But this file I did not use because Nero Vision Express, which I use to compile different movie segments and save or burn as one dvd file, would not read it.

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