Thursday, September 20, 2007

For all who have been affected by the closure of Yahoo's Photo Sharing Site

What are the options for you? Here is my personal review of some alternatives and my choice.

All my online photos have been transferred to Flickr. The transfer was smooth and all the albums have been retained. This was the most convenient option seeing that I have a Yahoo ID and account.

Some alternatives are Shutterfly, PhotoBucket and Snapfish. I think that almost any one of them is OK. But here are some pluses and minuses:

+Easy to upload
+ Photo enhancement tools
-No videos
-Small pictures in slide show view (I really would like to see larger pictures)

Snapfish has two sites you can use: the US site and the Singapore Site.If you register on the US site, you can use both the US and the Singapore site. The advantage of the US site is that you can upload videos but on the Singapore site, you can order pictures in Sing dollars and quick delivery.
+Big slideshow frames
+video upload (US)
+Singapore prices (Sing)
+Photo enhancement tools
-Need to install software for uploading
- Uploading of photos seem to be slower than the other photo sites.

+ Fast uploads
+ easy to post to blogs, or sharing websites
+ Very interesting slide show formats. Pictures can float across the screen or zoom towards.
+ You can view very large pictures in "nomal" slide show view. Normal = no enhancements for slide show.
+ Upload videos and even from mobile phone
- Limited tools for enhancements
-Can be difficult to navigate the site at first -- steep learning curve.
- Irritating because it seems to have many pop-up adverts

+Nice sized slides (could be bigger)
+ Many options for sharing online, posting to webpage, etc
+ Very convenient transfer if from Yahoo
- May take some time learning to use the features.
-No photo enhancement tools

Best Bet:

Snapfish for its big slideshow frames, and ease of use.

Flickr for convenience in transferring files, and many web features.

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